WATEC-Hydro – KDD Kaplan turbine

The strong, compact solution: Kaplan turbine, double-regulated, directly coupled

Our KDD (Kaplan turbine, double-regulated, directly coupled) is a vertical-shaft turbine that is coupled directly to a generator in V1 design. 

Key features

• Installation of a permanent-magnet synchronous generator is possible

• Generator supports the axial load of the turbine

• Generator shaft coupled directly with turbine shaft

• Very compact design

• Generator cooled through built-in fan or water cooling

• Highest precision and excellent processing of the turbine components

• Materials that are suitable for the highest stress levels

• Cavitation-resistant rotor material

• Corrosion protection according to DIN 19704-2

“Made in Germany” quality

We only rely on the best possible processing and highest “Made in Germany” quality for production of our Kaplan turbines. All the necessary turbine components are manufactured in Germany, which enables us to ensure long-term and smooth operation. 

Our network of business partners is not only national, but also regional. This makes it possible for us to meet with all our suppliers personally and discuss your concerns whenever necessary. Each of our partners is a specialist in their field. Loyalty to these specialists is very important to us. With this fixed production chain, we can always guarantee you the highest quality standards.