Our Kaplan turbines

- KDP Kaplan turbine, double-regulated with permanent-magnet synchronous generator 
- KSDP Kaplan spiral turbine, double-regulated with permanent-magnet synchronous generator and full spiral
- KDR Kaplan turbine, double-regulated with belt drive
- KDD Kaplan turbine, double-regulated with directly coupled V1 generator

All types of turbines are available in 4-wing or 5-wing shaft design as well as Kaplan spiral turbines with full spiral and pipe connection.

Hydropower – energy for our future

Hydropower is considered the cleanest and safest source of energy.

Nevertheless, the generation of renewable energy through hydropower in Germany and abroad is by far not exhausted. This potential can be exploited through construction of new hydropower plants as well as by modernizing and improving the performance of existing facilities. 

With our electricity generation approach, the ecological compatibility speaks for itself – zero CO2 emissions and no consumption of fossil fuels. Furthermore, the durability of the systems guarantees long-term environmentally friendly and sustainable energy production.